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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 15, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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cruise ship. it was at 9:15 p.m. central time. it took nearly 4 hours to get all of the passengers off. it was quite a sight to see. more than 3,000 passengers streaming off the ship. we talked to a few passengers they had quite a story to tell. >> it was really tins.
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nobody knew what was going on. there was a moment when electricity went out. you could hear the streams of babies and mothers and there was an elderly couple sitting next to me. they were saying remember, i love you, remember, i love you. that was really difficult. >> a few of them had loved ones waiting to hear from them. majority of the passengers boarded buses to either galveston, houston or new orleans where they will make their final journeys home. despite the conditions out at sea most of the people praised the crew for how they handled the tough situation. >> mary quinn o'connor. the stories from all of the passengers are still pouring in. >> mothers with babies this morning here is more of their reaction after finally making it back here at home. >> the emergency power was all we had. we had no running water for the first day then we finally got a shower on monday.
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>> cold shower. >> cold, freezing cold shower. the dining room had a -- it was -- it was on a tilt. the dining room had water about -- i could show you the pictures i took. this seat every time you would go one way it would slide across. people were falling because there was so much water. we don't know what it was. >> we had food an water every day. that's been a blessing. the only bad experience was the bathroom situation. there were four bathrooms working with several stalls in them but for a few hours for a lot of hours we didn't have working toilets so we had to go in back. >> you said there's plenty of food and water there. i understand there has been issues involving people on-line getting food and people in the
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back of the line are getting upset people are taking a lot of food, is that true? >> like us with big parties we would get in line and get food for several people not just us. can you image if all 30 of us were in line at the same time and everybody in big groups like that were in line. some people didn't understand you were taking food for more than one person not just for yourself. >> very bad the conditions in the rooms are just horrible no bathroom so you can image the smell. the crew has been unbelievable. coming down the hallways and picking up people's belongings in the hallway. you walk down the hall there are red bags going down the hallway it's miserable. the food they have done their very best. it is not what we are used to eatling. >> the stories are so
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interesting. we are going to hear from many passengers and bring you many more updates as they come in. >> a lot more going on this morning. this is the story that shocked the world. all eyes right now on olympic runner who is back in court right now in connection with his murder, or the ladies and gentlemened girlfriend. >> we are hearing he is crying in court right now. double amputee officer blade runner shocked the world in the olympics this morning. the world is equally as shocked as he appears in front of a judge in a bail hearing as he is charged with shooting his girlfriend dead. cops arrived early yesterday to find his girlfriend shot four times including once in the head. he is seen here with her is a 30-year-old model who was set to debut on a reality tv show.
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her family is deaf stated by the tragedy because it is a case of a woman taken so soon. >> such a devastating shock that all your life what you could achieve never came to fulfillment. she is with the angels and that's about all i can say to you. >> as for him he was released yesterday after being arrested and charged with murder. gun enthat yous yases may have shot him by mistake since he was an incrud -- intruder. maybes heard them arguing and there were previous domestic incidents at the home. >> i can confirm he has been arrested but i can't confirm there has previously been other disturbances. >> he will appear in court later today as if it couldn't be any
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more heartbreaking he called toned violence of women. she tweeted how excited she was it was valentine days. >> the top five stories making news at this hour. we start with the fox news alert. panic overnight in russia after a massive meteorite crashes. (screams) >> you can hear the screams, screams of terror in the rural mountains there. the meteorite streaking through the sky as you can see. right now reports show more than 400 people are hurt because of this. sharp explosions sent glass flying into the air. numerous buildings in russia damaged. and surveillance video showing how strong -- look at this. blowing off the doors and windows in that business. >> really frightening. we will hear more about that in
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a moment. charred remains found in the ruins of a burnt out california cabin now being identified as that of ex lapd officer christopher dorner. dental records were used to make the positive id. he is accused of killing four people including a police officer and daughter of a former lapd captain. the last remaining world war ii veteran in the senate calling it quits. democratic new jersey senator frank lautenberg is not going to run for reelection next year. he is 89 years old the oldest member of the senate he served for five terms. cory booker said he wants that senate seat. we will have to see. secret documents in the chandra levy murder case are about to be made public. she was killed in 2001 illegal immigrant was convicted of the murder in 2010. there could be a problem with the prosecution.
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revised and partial transcripts will be released in about a week. a virginia couple that works for the government $217 million richer this morning. dave and nancy honeywell the sole winners of the power ball jackpot. he bought the ticket at the richmond airport on his way out of town from work. once he found out he won he was worried how he was going to get the ticket home safely. >> i found this wallet you put on your arm. i used it before for traveling overseas. i put it inside my long sleeves or whatever put the ticket in there. i kept checking it on the way home. it has to be there. it has to be there. the couple choose that one time cash option which means they get $136 million before taxes. that's probably after taxes. right? no. i don't know. it's a lot of money. they both plan on retiring in
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the next few weeks. they are going to retire. that's your 5@5:00. time now for your first degree weather update with janice dean. >> janice, you got a storm you are watching there? >> the northeast of course bracing for whatever happens the next couple weeks as we get through winter. we saw record breaking snow and the potential for a coastal storm. we are going to talk about that. computer models are split on what we are going to do with the storm. we will show you what they know. for now we have the rain that continues across florida and snow across the northern and central rockies. clipper system across the great lakes. that's going to combin with a system across the south. we think this may stay offshore. we are not quite certain. we are going to have to see how closely it moves to the coastline and how much cold air
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is pulled in. that could mean the difference between rain or a snow event or how much snow we get. yet to be determined. stay tune. what we know is we are going to see cold air sinking in across the midwest and the great lakes. right now in new york we are going to be dealing with temperatures close to 50 degrees. tomorrow the cold air plunges southward. as far south as florida you will see temperatures 10-15 degrees below average. you see sundays 27 as the daytime high. cold enough for snow. we are going to have to watch that coastal low to see what happens. we will keep you posted through out the day because a lot of folks are digging out from the epic storm event a week ago. boston you look pretty good. philadelphia as well. we could see a few little showers over atlanta today. in new york as well very nice temperatures. washington, d.c. as well. miami, chicago, san francisco, you should be in the clear. so always a good idea to call
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ahead just in case. but we will watch that coastal low and let you know the developments within the next 24-hours certainly. back to you. >> all right janice dean. we are not going to put the sleds away for our kids just yet. >> the time is 12 minutes after the hour. it is something out of a science fiction movie. it's the first ever bionic eye. we have the details of this reality coming up just ahead. >> let me ask you the question. would you jump out of an airplane? it's not as scary as you might think if you jump like these guys the best of the best. the air force. you will see how we got to do it. that's huge. looking good there ainsley. ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus.
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>> 15 minutes after the top of
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the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. the former chief of staff to the president himself. rahm emanuel is considering running in 2016. the mayor of chicago talked to donors about running if hillary clinton does not. the fir astroid that is hurdling toward earth by only 17 miles. these images taken when it was 465 miles away. it's the closest approach to earth coming even closer than some of our weather satellites. >> ainsley, thank you so much. republican senators successfully taking a stand against defense secretary nominee chuck hagel. they blocked a vote on his nomination amid growing concerns about his views on issues and also they want to get more information about benghazi. peter doocy is live in washington with more on this story. peter what's next on this now. >> today is supposed to be secretary of defense leon
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panetta's last day at the pentagon. he has to stick around for at least another week. republicans had a rule that requires the nominee for defense secretary to get 60 votes in the senate for confirmation. mr. hagel got only 58. republicans said they wanted to spend more time to dig into his back ground and now they got it. >> i hope one democrat will look at chuck hagel's record and some of the outrageous statements they made about israel and reconsider have one democrat vote no. if he could find one democrat to vote no the flood gates would open. >> he wanted to install the confirmation until the white house reveals more information about the benghazi terror attack. president obama never called any officials in libya until the smoke had cleared and four americans were dead. now he has a chance to get even more information. another republican senator ted
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cruise in texas sl raising red blaggs about a possible conflict of interest with chuck hagel just because he won't release some financial discloesh ours. they were wondering why hagel didn't disclose certain speeches he made as they were coming to light. president obama thinks all of the opposition is responsible. >> it's unfortunate that this kind of politics intrudes at a time when i am still presiding over a war in afghanistan and i need a secretary of defense who is coordinating with pour allies to make sure our troops are getting the kind of strategy and mission that they deserve. >> earlier this week had he pushed a vote on the president's nominee to run the cia john brennan because they want more information about the administration's drone policy. specifically those rules about drone targeting american citizens. heather? >> peeter doocy. thanks so much.
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now congress is off to recess. thank you. >> it is 18 minutes after the hour. are you and your parents delaying retirement because you can't simply afford it? up next we have five simple things that you can do to retire on time. i want to hear that one. our government gave 150 million bucks to make batteries? one problem they didn't make a single one. what they did instead really going to make you sick. we will be right back. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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>> 22 minutes after the top of the hour. thou shall not remove the ten commandments. the aclu trying to sue to have the monument of the commandments removed from a courthouse in dixie, florida. the lawsuit came after one person who lives 100 miles away complain. it's a medical first the fda getting the green light for a bionic eye. here's how this all works. the person wearing the glasses with the video camera attached to them. the camera will transmit the images bypassing the damaged part of the retina and send them right to the brain. we have come so far. >> nearly two-thirds of us are planning to delay retirement. that number is up 20 percent from just two years ago. what can we all do to make sure we retire on time. we don't want to be working
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forever. joining us now is vera gibbons. >> what is the top thing people need to know. >> people are delaying retirement because of reasons beyond our control. >> the economy. >> the economy, costs are up. what 50 percent of us don't do is crunch the numbers to see how they are going to live comfortably in retirement. two-page worksheet takes very pli indicated forecasts social security and you can get a sense of how much retirement is going to cost you. you need to come up with a drastic plan of how to get there. so many people are taking care of their parents and people taking care of younger children. >> everything is up healthcare food, wages. >> you are depressing me.
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>> i am giving you the scenario. >> max out your retirement accounts. >> they have gone up 17-5 on the 401 k. 5500 on the ira. if you have a 401 k get in there and tcontribute enough to get te company to match. >> invest in international companies or funds. >> diversify internationally. the dollar is down and it's down drastically expected to continue to go down. i am talking about stocks and ponds outside of the u.s. in other currencies the feds can't touch. >> couldn't that be a little risky? >> could be a little risky. depends on your age bracket of how much risk you want to assume. stocks, funds. >> maybe for other funds. >> lastly and quickly redefine your retirement. >> may not be sitting on the beach or traveling playing golf it may be a modified version of that. maybe something different all together. this is not your father's retirement it's not your grandfather's retirement it's a
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different set of circumstances and free time is costly. >> and the world has changed. >> 20-years ago we weren't talking about this kind of thing. >> thank you ladies. 25 after the hour. passengers so happy to be off the cruise ship they are actually i say canning t-- kiss ground. we will show you the nightmare they endured look at that. i know the feeling i had to kiss the ground after doing this. jumping out of an airplane. i will tell you why we did this. we have a good reason. stick around we will show you. [ anouncer ] ihop in time square to compare
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>> good morning to you. welcome back to fox and friends fist. >> it is friday. it is 5:30. we want to get to our top stories. passengers are so happy to be back on solid ground they are kissing it. their nightmare is far from over this morning. >> thousands of passengers who were on that crippled ship are on buses going back home. some had to travel 8 hours to get back to the home port of galveston, texas.
2:32 am
what is going on there today? >> good morning. nearly 3,000 passengers finally reach land about 3 hours ago when they disembark the cruise ship after nearly 5 miserable days drifting at sea when it reached the permnal in mobile, alabama. they cheered as they greeted loved ones or boarded buses. they had harrowing scary situations when they got off the boat. people screamed the ship is on fire. the ship is on fire. it sunk in this is a very serious situation. >> i don't care what carnival line it was or company it was when your engine is on fire there's nothing you can do. they handled it with the utmost respect for us and care for us. >> it took nearly 4 hours to get all of the passengers off the ship. some say the family members in mobile but the majority of them
2:33 am
boarded buses in houston, galveston or new other lean where is they will make their final journey home. a lot of people we spoke to said what they are looking for the most is a hot shower and a bed. one man is looking forward to pizza and wine. >> i am so sure. safe and sound back on dry land. mary quinn o'connor thank you so much. this morning we are hearing more details about the nightmare from those on board the ship. >> passengers are speaking out about the conditions on the ship the crew and what it feels like to finally be home. >> they made a lot of mistakes because they didn't have the tug boats come out immediately. we felt like it was too big of a delay but we also -- i felt like they tried hard. the crew was amazing. the crew was amazing. >> the crew took good care of you. >> very good. yes. they had to clean up red bags in the hallway that was not very
2:34 am
niece. >> i have a few more concerns about carnival. i am a little upset that they did not get us off the boat sooner and i thought maybe that could have been expedited a bit better. it was very frightening. i hope there has been rumors there may have been problems with the engine before on this ship. i certainly hope that it is not the case. that carnival would not have put that many people in danger. the crew has been absolutely spectacular. really wonderful. the housekeepers, the stewards, the cooks, the busboys have all had a smaile on their face. >> the crew has done a great job. it's an unfortunate situation. we all dive into. i think everybody pretty well made the best of it. >> how about the sanitary conditions that seems to be dr. siegel's number one concern. >> it was fast.
2:35 am
48-hours after the power went out it was only a matter of hours before they started asking us to use a bio hazard bag for them to urinate in the shower and use the bio hazard for anything else. that belt up pretty quickly in the hallways. you can image the smell. >> unfortunately you can image the snow in those conditions. stay right here with fox and friends this morning as we to f developments of this story. brand new video of oscar piss to in court. he broke dune into tears his hands placed over his face as he cried. prosecutors announcing they will pursue a pre-meditated murder charge for the 26-year-old's
2:36 am
ladies and gentlemened murder of his girlfriend. pistorius shot her four times. he said he thought his girlfriend was an intruder but police dismissing that theory. >> president obama in 2010, 150 million was used to build a battery plant in michigan. >> the workers of this plant already slated to do produce batteries for the new chevy volt. so when you buy one of these vehicles the battery could be said made in america. >> too bad the lg plant didn't get made with monopoly money. the workers of the plant that never opened wered playing monopoly on your dime and were watching movies. the volt's batteries are being made in south korea. >> cops in beverly hills are on the lookout for three suspects who robbed a store to the tune of $1 million.
2:37 am
it was caught on video as you see this man and woman posing for customers asking the store clerk for different items. the one you see wearing a black coat he shows a gun and takes jewelry out of the case. a 50,000 dollar reward is now being offered. >> could the safety of the hms bound de during super storm sandy been avoided? he says yes. he knows the ship was rotting away and he didn't warn the captain about it. the captain decided against fixing it because of the time and money involved. the bounty has been used in a number of hollywood movies it sank off of cape hat russ killing a crew member and the captain. side lined by love. a college football player gives up his career playing to be with his sick fiancee. it's colorado lineman ben pike with his fiancee ashley barrett. he is sitting out his final is a college season because she is
2:38 am
battling leukemia. she thought the cancer was gone only to learn it returned. pike graduating in may and the couple is plan to go marry in june. >> for most college students there are so many distractions. for the cadeting at the u.s. air force academy it is hard to stay grounded there, too. but for a sifrnt reason. i went to colorado springs to find out why. >> this is what going to class looks like for the air force academy. >> we have the desire and it is not for everybody but if you really want it you work hard for it it is worth every minute. >> different from any other college you have ever been to. no through 40-hours of training we take you up in the plane and you leave by yourself. >> 4,000 cadets go to school here 4,000 graduate from the jump program every year. >> our jump program is all about character development. we are not teaching para
2:39 am
shooting we are trying to teach them to connect them from their fears. >> this is the sergeant a graduate of the air force academy. >> i saw the movie top gun in high school. after seeing that i was blown away and i go, that is what i want to do. a oo requesting fly by. >> what is your call name? >> speer. when i was a young by i almost speered someone with my f-15. it would have been a $50 million mistake. >> no mistake now he teaches our air force how to jump out of planes and now they are teaching us. >> squat down like a baseball catcher and from there look at our cameraman. >> they talk us through what is going to happen. they look at the ground at 11,000 feet. a scary thought even for the experience. >> have you said your prayers?
2:40 am
>> i have. >> okay. >> we hope for the best and prepare for the worst. >> you nervous? you can't be nervous. >> you should be nervous. my husband. >> we are off. >> once we get high enough above pike's peak it is time. no turning back at this point. so i kindly volunteer morgan our fox news producer to go first. the doors open and within seconds she is gone. and now it is my turn.
2:41 am
>> that is krindible. my feet are planted on the ground. >> staying grounded is easy, even though easy is not what they signed up for. the best of the best putting the air in air force. >> onning a more serious note we want to remind you at home that those cadets they go on to serve our country. >> as fun as they look they are preparing to fight for our country and fight for all of us for our freedom. >> an incredible story. >> what surprised you the most out of it. it was so cold but so fast. 30 seconds to jump then you pull the para chute.
2:42 am
then you fall for another five minutes. >> 5 minutes? >> gorgeous over pike's peak. >> whyou are brave. >> whur jumping with the best of the best you don't think about it. >> you are in safe hands. >> 20 minutes before the hour if you are having a hard time keeping up with all of the gadgets, our tax beau rue clayton moryes is here. >> the stunning report on what happens when you have just one single drink a day. the patient, presented with a hairline fracture to the mandible and contusions to the metacarpus. what do you see? um, i see a duck. be more specific. i see the aflac duck. i see the aflac duck out of work and not making any money.
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>> a drink after a long day could be bad for your health. having one drink a day wouas linked to up to 35 percent of cancer deaths. the drinking accounted for 20,000 deaths each year. >> well, it's the biggest news rg3 fans have heard in weeks. the redskins reportedly say there's a good chance the quarterback could start the 2013 season opener. he had surgery last month to repair a torn at-batting cl and lcl. he's getting rehab treatments in washington. good news for him. >> serious questions on the benghazi terror attack. delaying the democrat's plan to push through two of president obama's nominations to the administration. republicans vow they will not back down until americans have the answers they deserve. doug luzader is live with more on this this morning. good morning to you, doug. >> answerly, good morning. to nominees john brennan tinl
2:47 am
against agency and chuck hagel. they are running into real snags on capitol hill. in the case of hagel what's happening right now it is a delay for a nominee. republicans can't the white house to come clean about what happened if the u.s. consulate attacked back in september with evidence mounting they say if the president would simply disengage. during an on-line chat president obama dismissed the entire issue. >> that was largely driven by campaign stuff because everything about that we have had more testimony and more paper provided to congress than ever before. >> there's no question this white house has stone walled delayed and denied. nothing could be pfurther from the truth about us not running out of questions. it what is true he won't answer any. >> it is not just about chuck hagel.
2:48 am
benghazi attack is one of the problems the president wants to head the cia john brennan who served as chief counter-terrorism advisor to the white house. they have specific acknowledge to the response time line. when it comes to hagel democrats and republicans can't agree on what's happening right now even amount to go a filibuster. >> it's shocking my republican colleagues were leave the nation without fully empowered secretary of defense during all of the things we have going on in the world including a war. >> i think after only two-days of a nomination being on the floor that a republican senator has questions to ask and information to see that they ought to be allowed to do that. >> even though both of the nominations are being delayed the expectation here is both of them will probably get through. it is a question inch the republicans can get from the white house. doug luzader live in morning.
2:49 am
it is 47 minutes after the top of the hour. do you think your age is behind technology? tech guru clayton morris is here to answer questions next. >> a mob of caning rues look at this. they invade the australian open. we will tell you why. how fun does that look? first we will check in with brian kilmeade to swhooes coming up on fox and friends. >> you are out of your mind. that was fantastic. i cannot wait to get the details on this story. carnival cruise lines support in mobile alabama. we are going to talk to some of the passengers live to find out how horrible it was. nomination problems for hagel and could it be for jack lieu. we have gillian michaels here she is not a loser but she is on the loser. small pamphlet is what i am reading the past two weeks. i am only halfway through. fantastic book. goes on capitol hill for the
2:50 am
navy seals. did they get anything done for all seals? i will be on it and allison then steve and who else knows what's going to happen. i am out of time. i could keep talking you got to go to commercial. i will keep talking.'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work.
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>> now to stories you can bank on this morning. the passengers just got off a few hours ago carnival cruise line is already feeling the effects from the disaster at sea. the cruise line is seeing share joining us now from the fox business network is adam shapiro. by how much? >> just this week they have fallen by about 3.7. almost 4 percent. a lot of it has to do with the statement that carnival put out regarding their fair price after the first half of 2013 they are
2:54 am
adjusting guidance earnings shares fall anywhere from 8 to $0.10 because of won the bad pr from all of this, two that ship is going to be cancelling cruises and then they have got to repair it. it's going to take a hit to hhe earnings. >> a lot of folks already hearing from booking their trips already for that. adam, thank you. >> we will talk to you again. >> thank you. heather. do your gadgets confuse you and if you are looking for tech advice just so you know you are not alone. the buck stops here. tech guru and anchor clayton morris is here to answer all of the questions. >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> these are great questions. the first says why do you need virus on your computer not on your ipad. >> i hate anti virus programs. whenever my parents get these i go home and remove them.
2:55 am
they are bloated they slow down your computer. >> it prevents from you getting a virus. >> you think it does. often the program help you remove a vie with us once you have it. if you need to get one get norton anti virus that is probably the best one out there. to keep you from ever getting a virus don't open e-mails from people you don't know and never ever click on lange from someone you don't know. what it will do is open software on your computer it can download something that way you don't need to spend money on an anti virus program. >> sometimes you get a virus from people you do know. >> the second part of the question don't use it on an ipad using a mobile device. you can't get it because apple has a closed ecosystem for their software. it won't let you download software that is not apple approved. if you click on a link in an e-mail on an ipad you are likely not going to have any problems on one of your tablet devices. >> the second question is i need help buying a tablet looking at
2:56 am
the samsung gal lax kindle fire 60 years old want to get on-line facebook and tick painiictures. >> to take pick ours samsung 7. best camera on the tablet is the ipad. i would recommend for this person to pick up the galaxy nexus 7, 7 inch tablet very affordable very easy and convenient and simple to get on the internet, watch netflix get on e-mail. >> they mentioned a google nexus. there are all of these funky names for them. google nexus 7. you can download it hfind how t buy it there. >> third question all of my reports and spread sheets are on a lap top pc and microsoft office base. i was wondering if you knew an app based on microsoft office and could be used on the ipad 2. it made quite a few waives. it is called on-line desk top.
2:57 am
download the app it's free to download but you pay a monthly fee of $5 it gives you access to microsoft office gives you a virtual portal so your ipad or tablet begins to look like a pc. so you can have access to all of your microsoft office documents. by the way microsoft office is coming to the ipad shortly. they will have their own proprietary app. >> great advice. always good to see you. >> jump out of a plane next, too. >> the town and the most famous boardwalk destroyed by hurricane sandy. this morning there's a big update for you. thou those details are coming up next. the best picture we have seen all morning. a mob of caning rning radi kang golf course. looks like a movie. [ manager 1 ] out here in the winds,
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i have to know the weather patterns. i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. so i can get three times the coverage. [ manager 2 ] it's like working in a giant sandbox. with all these huge toys. and with the fastest push-to-talk... i can keep track of them all. :
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